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Colorado Biblical University is committed to high quality Biblical education that is accessible and sustainable.

With an unapologetic belief in the fullness of God’s Grace we offer you a foundation not only for your study of the Bible, but for your entire life as a committed Christian.

With an unreserved commitment to inspired, inerrant and infallible Scriptures we help you develop the ability to think and act Biblically while having an impact on the world around you.

With an unrestrained dedication to the stewardship of our Lord’s grace, we share together in the work of proclaiming salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone, until His imminent return.

As a partner of AgathonEDU and of Vyrsity, Colorado Biblical University is able to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Because of that CBU maintains incredibly low tuition and provides access via subscription or the more traditional tuition model.

– Solidly Biblical Education

– No Application Fee

– From $34 Per Credit Hour

– All Programs Available Online

– Advance at Your Own Pace

– One-on-One Mentoring

– Begin Anytime