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At Pleasant View Church, the Lead Pastor fills a variety of roles and responsibilities.  He…

·       Is the main preacher and teacher, sharing from the depth and fullness of God’s Word.  He should be able to communicate both God’s principles and practical ways to apply them.

·       Should have a good reputation and be a godly example to the flock of a vibrant life of faith, living out biblical principles gleaned from his own daily times of study and prayer.  He should demonstrate and inspire a love for God’s Word.

·       Should be a compassionate and caring shepherd who is guided by the Holy Spirit in sensing spiritual needs and giving counsel and encouragement for the growth and maturity of the body into Christlikeness.

·       Must be courageous enough to confront those in the body who are stubbornly walking in sin, and yet able to do that with a humility that seeks reconciliation and transformation.

·       Works with the Leadership Team (pastoral staff and elected Elders) to craft the vision and priorities of the church and guide in their accomplishment.

·        Acts as the head administrator of the church, moderating congregational meetings as well as coordinating and overseeing a host of ministries, leaders and volunteers.


Gender:  Male

Minimum Education Required:  A Bible college or seminary degree


Skills and Strengths Needed:

·       Spiritual formation (holiness, humility, prayer, Scripture devotion)

·       Has compassion for broken, disadvantaged and unbelieving people

·       Gifted in communicating Scripture

·       Possesses leadership skills and managerial skills

·       Is transparent and approachable

·       Enjoys people and is others-centered

·       Has a good work ethic; takes initiative; is a self-starter

·       Loves learning, is a life-long learner

·       Committed to discipling men

·        Understands and respects the life and values of the community in which Pleasant View resides


How to apply

If interested, please apply ONLY if you and your wife have read through Pleasant View’s Statement of Faith on our website ( and can affirm that both of you are 100% in agreement with it.
Please send your resume along with the items listed below to Pleasant View Church, 12008 State Route 49, Ohio City, OH  45874, or by email to

1.     A statement that affirms you and your wife have read and agree 100% with Pleasant View’s Statement of Faith

2.     A short bio which includes descriptions of
a) your family
b) your marriage history and
c) your pastoral experience

3.     A family photo

4.     A brief summary of you and your wife’s salvation experience

5.     A brief summary of your desired salary/benefit package

6.     A copy of your educational transcripts

7.      3 References with their contact information


Applications accepted:  Until December 31, 2023

To apply for this job email your details to